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Stealth V1 Display for B5 A4 and S4, A6, RS6, and Allroad


$240 - Complete system: I supply all components; Snap out your stock trim piece, plug in the wires and snap in the new display. You need not supply anything.

$200 - Intermediate system: You need only send me your V1 remote display. I'll supply the brand-new Audi trim piece, do the mod, and send it back ready for a quick install.

$150 - for basic mod service: You supply me with both steering wheel trim and V1 remote.

You now have your choice of door armrest mounted switch or stalk-mounted switch. The stalk-mounted switch can be installed on either the right side (wipers) or left (turn signal) and is both convenient and easy to install. Same cost either way.

Short Shifter Shifter Installation Stealth V1 Display