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V1 Stealth Display for Audi A4(B5), Audi S4(B5), Audi A6, Audi RS6, and Audi Allroad.

Required Components:

  • V1 Remote Display
  • Steering wheel trim (pull back on TOP edge to unsnap and remove) It will rotate back toward you and unsnap. For the A6/Allroad model, pull straight back on the trim and it will unsnap straight out.
  • V1 connecting cable

Here are the finished products:

  • V1 display integrated into the trim and wired to simply plug in
  • Wired mute switch with factory-matched finish and quick disconnect connector

Here is how it looks installed:

  • Here is the optional switch for the stalk. the photo does not give it justice as the color is a perfect match.
  • There you have it, above photos showing B5 chassis A4 and S4. Now available: A6, RS6, and Allroad Stealth display as shown below prior to installation. More photos will be available soon.

    Cost for above basic mod service is $150 delivered for the mod. You supply your steering wheel trim and V1 remote.

    Also available is an intermediate system for $200. I supply the new Audi trim piece, and you send me your V1 remote display.

    Also available is complete system for $240. I supply all components. Snap out your stock trim piece, plug in the wires, and snap in the new display.

    All installation instructions are included. Installation of mute switch, in door panel, will require removal of door panel, but minimal skill and tools. I think you would be most happy with the stalk-mounted switch, but I offer it as an alternative now.

    For more information, please contact me by e-mail: Toy Guy