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Toy Guy Short Shifter (TG Shifter) features:
  • True 30% reduction in throw compared to stock
  • All side-to-side play is eliminated
  • All "rubberiness" is eliminated
  • Perfect reverse gear engagement
  • Low inertia / synchro friendy
  • Minimized friction and "notchiness" by adding CNC machined Delrin bearings
  • Custom knob height or user-adjustable knob height (for extra charge).

In brief, the TG shifter is a modified stock shifter, with all components remachined/replaced and reconfigured to "how the factory should have made it". Usually all components are made from factory fresh parts, but in some cases the parts may be completely refurbished returned stock parts. If this is the case, there is no compromise in function whatsoever.

It should be mentioned here that there are sellers who claim to make an equivalent to the TG shifter. Be warned that this is an inferior knock-off lacking all of the refinement and features of the genuine TG shifter. The original bolt is moved... that's the only change!

The TG shifter features all bearing surfaces machined fresh, with machining tolerances to within 0.001 inch. Each shifter is carefully fine-tuned for zero clearance, with minimal friction for the optimum action and minimized "notchiness". The bearing is custom-made for this shifter from oil-impregnated sintered bronze, while its matching bearing bolt is the highest quality grade 8. This is the best combination available for low friction and long reliable life. The most important feature is the exclusive use of Delrin side thrust bearings which contribute to an incredibly rock-solid feel, long life, and further reduction in friction. Only TG offers this innovation.>

Note in the below illustration the elimination of clearances and the elimination of all the effects of molded-in rubber (used by Audi to allow lax manufacturing tolerances, and as a by-product, amplifying the inherent notchiness in the transmission).

Toy Guy Shifter Modifications

Below is another illustration showing the reduction in throw for various shifter options. Note that by simply cutting down the knob height of a stock shifter by 1", the result is only a 15% reduction in throw, while retaining all rubbery feel and loose clearances. Not a good choice!

I do not recommend cutting down height more than 1" for a TG shifter. Unless specially requested, the shifter will remain at stock height with 30% reduction, which yields a very nice shifter, indeed. Most people have continued with the stock height.

I happen to like 3/4" reduction in height, myself. The shifter still falls naturally to hand with the armrest down, but gets the reduction down to somewhere around 39%. It's totally your preference, but do be aware that any height reduction below stock will slightly increase any notchy effects.

Short Shifter Ratio Diagram

Cost: -->$150 outright (complete modded shifter at stock knob height...I supply the parts). Add $20 for modified knob height. Add $60 for variable knob height. Add $5.00 for postage in all cases.

Stock shifters are gladly purchased for $40 at any time. You can install your TG shifter first then return your stock shifter later on.

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail unless special arrangements are required.

** Available only for the B5 platform S4, the C5 platform A6 2.7T (2000-2002), and Allroad.

How to tell what type of shifter you have (old style or new style)

Please contact me by e-mail if you have any questions or would like to place an order: Toy Guy