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Update: 10/10/2006, 2:30AM EST.

1/6/2007. All shifters will be shipped with a packet of Teflon grease for the ball joint, as well as instructions for the modification necessary for reduced "slop" in the ball joint, what I have called the "zip tie mod".

This is not new and was done routinely with old Audis. I just thought it was worthwhile to reinvestigate, and indeed, the same principals prevail.

Both old and new style shifters for S4 are available for immediate delivery, including Allroad and A6 2.7T.

Toy Guy Shifters (TG shifters) are available for ONLY the 1999-2002 (B5) S4, all Allroad, and all A6 2.7T.

The price is $150 plus $5.00 postage, and I will rebate $40 for your stock shifter returned to me after you have installed your TG shifter. Custom knob height is $170 + postage, while variable height is $210 + postage. Shipping is by Priority Mail or Air Mail for the US and Canada. Shipment overseas will be a flat $US10.00 extra charge for postage. Payment by PayPal is the preferred method for a timely shipment, but checks are gladly accepted with the associated time delay. I'm sorry, I can't accept credit cards directly, due to the small volume involved.

Keep in mind, the 1999-2002 B5 S4 has 2 possible shifters. The changeover from early to late style shifter (look on driver's side door jamb for your build date) occurred around 12/00 plus or minus about 1 month. M-box or new badges make no difference. A 2000 model will always be old-style, while a 2002 model will always be new-style. Do not assume that "2001.5" will have the new style, so please check. Click here to determine which shifter you have before placing your order.

The TG shifter is also available for the 2000-2004 A6 2.7 T and all Allroads up to 2005. Be prepared to give me the VIN for exact fitment as there are 3 possible shifters for the A6 and 2 for the Allroad. The Allroad changeover occurred in late 2001. The non-threaded type of stock shifter (such as found in all Allroads, and late A6 2.7t) can be converted to a threaded type for a nominal charge, and then you would be able to choose either variable height or lowered height (but a new threaded knob would be required). Please contact me for details and to place an order.

V1 "stealth display" modification service has been discontinued permanently in order to serve shifter customers in a timely fashion.

I highly recommend the TG shifter with VARIABLE knob height for those of you who love to tweak. Continuously variable between stock knob height to 1" shorter than stock knob height. You will get all the advantages of the butter-smooth TG shifter, and can fine-tune it to your liking as often as you like. If you put on a different knob , you can compensate for it There is no need to remove the shifter for adjustment. The throw reduction range via shift knob height is 30% (stock) to 41% (at 1" lower). It's for screw-on knob shifters only. $60 extra for a total of $210 outright plus postage. Of course the $40 rebate for your stock shifter applies.

Variable height TG short shifter

Detail of variable height TG shifter